Be a Trailblazer in Gen Z Culture

We believe in the human experience - tracking and participating in things that matter to us as a generation. As a Gen Z team, we lead brands in anticipating Gen Z’s needs in our ever-changing culture. We don’t believe in same-old same-old, a2 + b2 = c2 marketing formulas.

We reach Gen Z the Gen Z way: through unfiltered digital media, engaging in emerging trends, empowering the community, and building brands to rally behind.

Gen Z Consulting

Qualitative & Quantitative Research
| Trend Reporting  | Access to The Koi Pond | Advisory Council

Influencer Marketing

Creative Strategy | Talent Sourcing | Influencer Outreach & Management |
Campaign Execution & Analysis

Influencer Marketing

Social Media

Content Creation & Copywriting | Social Media Strategy | Community Management
| Ads Optimization (Paid Social & Search)


Brand Development & Strategy | Visual Composition & Logo Design |
Rebranding Strategy | Website


Our Approach

Every stage of our approach is seen from a Gen Z lens. Each member of the Koi Pond brings together new and unique perspectives – giving you a look into Gen Z beyond data points on a chart.NinetyEight is more than a marketing agency. We’re a Gen Z agency. It’s time to put Gen Z in the driver’s seat.

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