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NinetyEight is a future-focused marketing consultancy that creates collaborative relationships between Gen Zs and brands – driving our generation's voice to the forefront of digital marketing. 
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The Hope of Gen Z

As a team made up entirely of Gen Zs, we were sick and tired of older generations criticizing us while brands tried way too hard to speak to us. The fact of the matter is, we make the older generations so angry because we as a generation are constantly demanding action, calling out injustices, and holding brands accountable – all while having fun. So what if we like to dance for TikTok? Who cares if we participate in online trends? We’re a generation of action and we started NinetyEight to champion Gen Z voices using what we know best: advertising and digital marketing.

The Koi Pond

We are Gen Z, we get Gen Z, but we aren’t the Gen Z experts… in fact no one is. The Gen Z community is one that doesn't always have a voice when it comes to public messaging and is often stereotyped or generalized. That’s why we created the Koi Pond: a place where Gen Zs (AKA you) could share your honest opinions with brands, and know that your voice will be heard.

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