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With Gen Z as the “digitally native TikTok generation” (cue eye roll), brands have quickly tapped into social media trends, viral spirals, and Gen Z humor in hopes to capture the next generation. While brands may be hearing us, they’re certainly not listening: only 8% of Gen Z feels strongly that brands understand their generation. Here’s why:

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We get it. Gen Z is complicated. We’re unpredictable. We’re hard to pin down. Our growing network of 650+ Gen Zs have joined us in our mission to bridge the brand to Gen Z gap. The Koi Pond is your ultimate Gen Z BS test – giving you unfiltered Gen Z insight through focus groups, interviews, surveys, and more.

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Gen Z Hot Takes

The Gen Z experience is nuanced and unique: from dating to careers to unpacking Gen Z humor – we uncover Gen Z truths so you don’t have to. With first-hand insights from the Koi Pond, we produce quarterly Hot Takes to let you into the world of Gen Z.

Dating in the 21st Century as a Gen Z: What's it really like?

For many Gen-Zs, the term ‘dating’ is fluid. Gone are the days where a relationship is strictly defined by a romanticized courtship and a picture perfect proposal. Dating today is filled with complicated labels and unpredictable plot twists (both for the good and the bad); we can’t help but wonder - is it even fun to date anymore?

The Future of Gen Z Careers

Gen Z is a generation full of unique and diverse self-starters, hungry for work that they’re passionate about… or are they? We spoke with Gen Z to understand how Gen Zs choose their careers, how the remote world has impacted the way they view careers, the value of a college degree, and what commitment to a company really means. Hint: commitment phobia is real!

FIFA World Cup 2022: For Pride, Honor, & Controversy

NinetyEight interviewed 8 Gen Zs from the United States and/or have lived in the United States for the past 5 years on their World Cup take. Is sports viewership amongst Gen Zs diminishing? Are global sports tied to a political agenda? What makes the World Cup memorable? Who’s winning? Through our conversations, we unpack if the novelty of the World Cup is here to stay or, is FIFA about to shamefully exit off the pitch?