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NinetyEight is a future-focused creative agency that creates collaborative relationships between Gen Zs and brands – driving our generation's voice to the forefront of digital marketing. 
Gen Z Consulting
Influencer Marketing
Social Media

Gen Z Consulting

Real people. Real stories. The real Gen Z. Gen Z is more than just the “TikTok” generation. At NinetyEight, we look beyond short-term trends and into the underlying “whys” that will ultimately drive Gen Z to your brand.

Influencer Marketing

From influencers to brand advocates, we foster relationships that go beyond a one-time transaction.  Our creative team of Gen Zs takes influencer campaigns personally: handpicking diverse creators that actually care about your brand.

Social Media

Each social media post is crafted with purpose: fueling a natural collaboration with your audience on TikTok and beyond. With NinetyEight, you can navigate the social media and digital landscape like Gen Z – effortlessly and authentically.


For every brand trying to win the hearts of Gen Z, the answer is this: we want a brand that cares and that starts with your branding. Beyond your logo, we’ll work with you to build a brand that will evolve alongside Gen Z and stand the test of time.

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Our Approach: The Koi Pond

Our Gen Z consulting approach goes beyond our Gen Z team. The Koi Pond is our growing network of over 650+ diverse Gen Z students, artists, athletes, thought-leaders, and changemakers to help you understand the “why” behind Gen Z behaviors.

Gen Z

We get it. Gen Z is tough to read. The Koi Pond can help you better understand our ever-changing attitudes & behaviors.

Product Market

Does your brand name hit the mark with Gen Z? How would they navigate your website? Does your product serve them? Gauge your brand’s relevance & likability through the Koi Pond.

Creative Campaign Reactions

Is your campaign a bop or flop? Will it get this fickle generation to stop scrolling?  The Koi Pond is your ultimate Gen Z BS-test.

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You Didn't Hear It From Us...

They were dedicated to their craft and were aware of the strengths that they could bring to the table. They are young, hungry, and supremely capable, but most importantly, they are a cohesive and complementary unit as a whole. NinetyEight offers a broad spectrum of services, but with significant depth of knowledge, making them a true full-service marketing agency.

Aaron Friedman

Executive Director / OLASTEO

NinetyEight successfully delivered a high-quality campaign. They found influencers who were perfect for the client's needs and target audience. They are experts in their crafts and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone trying to market to Gen Z.

Sam Ong

User Acquisition Associate / Formerly IMVU

NinetyEight has a deep understanding of TikTok, and continue to better themselves every day, using their learnings from prior campaigns to optimize ours. Using content pillars, a well designed campaign strategy and seamless workflow, the team was able to achieve significant growth on our TikTok page.

Zach fitch

Campaign Strategist / Ubiquitous

NinetyEight was notable for their professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness. The team had an excellent workflow.

Grant Kirkpatrick

Founding Partner / KAA Design

NinetyEight’s insights are valuable, and their willingness to learn is impressive. Their attitude has been instrumental in helping us reach our goals. They go the extra mile to listen to us, understand what we do, and they are willing to work with us on anything.

alma villegas

Sr. Director of Development
& Communications /
Formerly artworxLA

I found the high level of professionalism, creativity and joy for their work most impressive. The workflow was highly effective. 98 was always on-time or early for deliverables and had boundless energy, creativity and good sense. Highly professional and a joy to work with.

dr. Ellen ensher

Professor & Career Advice Consultant

And We Won Some Stuff.

2022 Web Excellence Award

2022 Web Excellence Award

We are the winner of the 2022 Web Excellence Award for Best Social Media Influencer Campaign. Our influencer work on TikTok and other social media has driven numerous views, impressions, and engagements for our clients, helping them build lasting relationships with their consumers.

ThinkLA Start-Up of the Year 2021

We were named Silicon Beach Startup of the Year in 2021 for revolutionizing the way marketers reach the next generation. As a leading Gen Z marketing agency, we are culturally-driven, founded by Gen Zs, and data-driven through the Koi Pond: our proprietary research community.

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