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Be A Trailblazer In Youth Culture

Like the koi fish in our logo, we swim upstream, going against the grain of what has been said or done before us. Gen-Z culture is ever-changing: we’ll help you adapt as the tides turn every day. 

We’re unapologetically scrappy in every stage of our approach, from strategy to execution. As a small team, we’re not limited by scarce resources; instead, we find ways to get the best results, cheaper, and faster. We lean on our life experiences, global perspectives, and Gen-Z realness to drive our company and clients every day.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to revamp your brand identity, we’ll help you find your brand voice.

• Brand Guidelines & Identity
• Visual Identity & Logo Design
• Rebranding Strategy

Social Media
As digital natives, social media is second-nature to us. We’ll help you utilize social media to grow your business and authentically connect with your audience.

• Social Media Audit
• Social Media Strategy
• Social Media Toolkit
• Social Media Management & Content Creation

Gen-Z Consulting
Real people. Real stories. The real Gen-Z. Gen-Z is more than just the “TikTok” generation. We’ll simplify and amplify Gen-Z needs so you can understand your audience.

• Focus Groups
• Social Listening
• Qualitative & Quantitative Research
• Trend Reporting 

Influencer Marketing
We’ll connect your brand with a network of influencers to gain your audience’s trust, turning them from consumers into loyal brand advocates.

• Campaign Strategy
• Talent Sourcing
• Influencer Outreach
• Campaign Execution

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