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Small Team.

Despite our large number, NinetyEight was built on small things. We’re small in size, age, bureaucracy and BS. Don’t get it wrong: we love our small size. As a team of hybrids, we are a complete agency, and we don’t need to be any bigger. So maybe quantity doesn’t equal quality. Maybe you’re looking for marketing experts who specialize in targeting Gen-Z. Maybe you’re looking for NinetyEight, the agency that does all that, and just happens to be small.

Big Results.

Don’t underestimate our size. Born in the COVID-19 pandemic, NinetyEight was founded on the principle of being tiny but mighty. As young entrepreneurs, we don’t shy away from opportunity, we indulge in it. We’re the agency of pitch hitters, clutch shooters, and Gen-Zs who dare to dream. In a way, nothing about us is small. Our ambition, determination, and number of ideas are all limitless.

All born in 1998, our team is driven by the hope of Gen-Z. As curious digital natives, we’re self-taught and fluent in social media: from platforms, to trends, content creation, and more. As strategists by trade, every piece of creative work we make is grounded by original (and sometimes unconventional) insights.

With NinetyEight, you can speak to and with Gen-Z.

Meet the Team

Celine Chai
Bryant Lin
Gia Lee
Truman Rae
Mariel Fuentes
Nicole Han
Natalie Saathoff
Sofia Stein
Rachael Previti
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