With Gen Z as the “digitally native TikTok generation” (cue eye roll), brands have quickly tapped into social media trends, viral spirals, and Gen Z humor in hopes to capture our generation. While brands may be hearing us, they’re certainly not listening: only 8% of Gen Z feels strongly that brands understand their generation. Here’s what some of you had to say about it:

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When you sign up for the Koi Pond, you’ll be getting bi-weekly e-newsletters with various Gen Z studies we’re conducting. It’s all about getting your Gen Z opinion on a myriad of topics: from brand campaigns to your career experiences, shopping preferences, and more. Each opportunity is compensated and you get to decide which studies you want to participate in!

Past Projects

Brand Naming

As part of a rebranding project, we tested out various brand names with members of the Koi Pond. Through one-on-one interviews, we got insight into their thoughts and feelings associated with each brand name. 

Career Insights

We worked with a national non-profit organization that sought to better recruit and engage Gen Zs. Through an online focus group, Koi Ponders divulged into their aspirations and struggles in their career paths. 

Food Attitudes & Behaviors

We worked with a global food & beverage company to prepare for an upcoming product launch that targeted Gen Z. Through a survey, we discovered how Gen Zs would act and react to various scenarios.


98things is an amalgamation of 98 topics, fun facts, anecdotes, and even memes that will help you and your brand track the pulse of Gen Z culture. See past editions below:

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