hygiene u give

Our company's for good initiative to provide menstrual care products to underserved women in Los Angeles.

Women deserve better, period.


of Americans say that access to menstrual products is a problem for people experiencing homelessness.

only 6%

of donations received by homeless shelters include menstrual products.

let's change that.

Every month, we dedicate 1% of our profits and partner with local organizations to create h.u.g. packs, which we donate to local community centers.

packs donated!

h.u.g (3 lines one)

what's in a h.u.g pack?

sanitary wipes

our partner

Summaeverythang is a community center in South Central Los Angeles dedicated to the empowerment and transcendence of black and brown folks. Along with their produce boxes, they now distribute h.u.g. packs.

get involved

donate menstrual products

We created an Amazon wishlist with products we need in a h.u.g. pack. Any purchase made through the wishlist will be shipped straight to our headquarters! Thank you for your support.

xoxo, h.u.g.

join our fundraisers

Once a quarter, we hold fundraisers on our Instagram. Follow us to participate! If you are an organization that would like to partner with us to fundraise, contact us for more info.

xoxo, h.u.g.