gen-z spotlight: @tiffdidwhat

by Fran
June 11, 2021

With the power of the internet at their fingertips, more and more Gen-Z creatives are learning how to make the music they want to listen to. This new access to creative control has built a new generation of DIY superstars that have taken the world by storm; for example: Billie Eilish, Dominic Fike, and Clairo. These artists started writing and producing in their own bedrooms, and have now garnered major mainstream success (with the help of record deals scored after their songs went viral online).

Tiffany Day is no exception -- in fact, she’s one of the Gen-Z artists harnessing the power of social media to build their own dreams.

I had the opportunity to meet this bubbly artist during my time at Loyola Marymount University, and honestly, I was starstruck when I first met her. I was one of the many who were astounded by her angelic voice as she sang into a well in Italy, and retweeted it onto my timeline, not knowing at all who she was. About a year later, one of her YouTube videos popped into my Recommended feed… and I was hooked. Seeing Tiffany create her dreams and actually make them reality is personally inspiring, not only as a musician but as a Gen-Z creative myself.

With catchy melodies, unique pop-inspired production, and her true-to-heart lyrics, Tiffany Day is a f*cking force to be reckoned with. I had the privilege of hearing about her story, her inspirations, and what “authenticity” means to Gen-Z artists in this newest edition of NinetyEight’s Gen-Z Spotlight.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in music?

I think music is just something I’ve been into for as long as I can remember. It’s really one of the only things that makes me happy, so why not pursue it as a career? I grew up classically trained on piano and violin, but then later taught myself guitar and began writing original music towards the end of high school. Something about the way a melody or sound can move you is still absolutely insane to me. I choose to make music because it makes me feel things that nothing else can. I choose to pursue a career in it because I want others to feel those emotions too. It’s such a cool experience that I actually have the power to share, and it’s really what makes me happy at the end of the day.

Social media plays a big role in how Gen-Z views the world. To what extent do you think social media has impacted your life?

An insane amount. Without social media, I wouldn’t really have a career today. If it wasn’t for Twitter, my first singing video would’ve never blown up and I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. I owe a lot to social media, and I still think it’s incredible how easy it is for everyone to share music with the world during this time.

Who do you look up to the most?

My brother. He’s genuinely the sweetest soul in the entire world and I could tell him almost everything. We grew up in Kansas together but have rarely seen each other since I moved out the LA, but we’re still close as ever. He’s just such a well composed individual, and he really inspires me to be the best version of me while still having fun and enjoying life.

What inspires your songwriting?

There’s a couple of artists here. As for the actual lyrics/writing, Jessie Reyez, Olivia O’Brien, and Maude Latour are all really cool for different reasons. Reyez is probably my number one, the way she expresses her feelings/situations through music always amazes me. Her melodies are so unique too. As for Olivia and Maude, I love them both because they are so blunt and bold with their words. It’s like they just skip the abstract bullshit about heartbreak and get right to the point- I love it.

As for production, I actually grew up listening to a lot of future bass and electronic-influenced pop. Artists like Whethan and Louis The Child have been big inspirations of mine, but I like to incorporate electronic concepts while still keeping close to my pop side.

What are some of your favorite brands? Why?

I won’t lie- I’m not the biggest brand girl. I think if I had to choose a brand that I use a lot, I’d say Glossier. It’s a popular makeup line with a lot of natural looking products and they are super easy to use. I feel like on top of their cute marketing, it’s cool that they promote natural beauty among a lot of young women.

Since starting NinetyEight, many have asked us to define “authenticity.” What does “authenticity” mean to you?

Being authentic to me just means not being afraid. A lot of times we can get up in our heads about the way we act around people, and we think that if we show our “true selves,” then people won’t really like us. But I think what we have to realize is that there’s 7 billion people in the world, and if someone doesn’t vibe with you, then you just gotta move onto the next person. You can’t live life conforming to the opinions of others, that’s really just torturing yourself.

If you could tell the other generations something they probably don’t know about Gen-Z, what would it be?

I think we’re a lot more creative than people let on. I think it has to do with the resources we have access to now, but regardless, there’s a lot of amazing, crazy ideas that Gen-Z brings to the table constantly.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of Gen-Z?

I think maybe just the fact that we all understand each other and our relationships to other generations. The fact that we are aware of the generational gaps between us and others is definitely a good thing. I think it kinda unites us together even more.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

I have a couple of EPs set to release towards the end of the year. I don’t wanna give away too much but I’ve been working on them for a while and each project follows a concept theme. It’s gonna be super cool and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

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