client spotlight: hardy capital investments

by Gia
June 11, 2021

Now that Gen-Zs are older, whether in college or entering the workforce, we’re at that point in our lives where we have to start #adulting. We’re opening up our first credit card accounts, moving into our own apartments, maybe even starting our own businesses. Technology has allowed information to be more accessible which has enabled us to do many things on our own. But, there is one area many Gen-Zs still struggle with: financial literacy.

Speaking from personal experience, I can say for a fact that anything finance-related went in one ear and out the other. Sure, I took finance and accounting courses in college, but they don’t really help you figure out what to do with your money IRL. And yes, we have our well trusted Google and Siri -- but it’s oftentimes difficult to navigate through the plethora of information.

I am surely not alone in this financial literacy limbo -- in a study by EVERFI, only 33% of Gen-Zs felt prepared to manage their money. In fact, during a webinar we gave about “Decoding Gen-Z,” someone asked: “What brands/industries aren’t targeting Gen-Z but should?” Our answer: the finance industry. Even though people still categorize Gen-Zs as “kids,” our generation has tremendous spending power and is on track to becoming the largest generation of consumers. From this, Hardy Capital Investments soon became our client.

As the creative director and copywriter for this account, it’s safe to say I was extremely nervous about creating social media content for a financial planning and wealth management firm. Finance was definitely out of my comfort zone and there was not much out there to get inspiration from -- not many finance firms target Gen-Zs and Millennials specifically, not to mention most finance content is a drag (imo). Building Hardy Capital’s online brand from scratch was thrilling yet intimidating but Arynton Hardy, Hardy Capital’s Founder and CEO, has made this process so worthwhile. His forward-thinking vision and openness to try new things have truly allowed for finance to become relatable (even fun), making financial literacy digestible and accessible for people like me.