gen-z & fashion

by Marissa
June 11, 2021

Fashion trends come and go, but there is something about the digitally native generation that has been defining and re-imagining fashion. It is easy for anyone to go online and see what the up and coming fashion trends are, but that accessibility also means that it can be hard to follow fashion trends without being seen as ‘basic’. Gen-Z’s response? Upping their style in creative and unique ways - some have done it so well that they have even made a name for themselves by sharing their fits on social media. Gen-Z possesses an influential buying power that can dictate trends, and with social media, style-inspo is just a tap away, enabling Gen-Z’s to define the fashion scene in iconic ways. Here are some popular fashion trends among Gen-Z you should keep an eye out for:

There are generations of people who have been redefining what gender means in fashion and style. From Dennis Rodman to Harry Styles to Zendaya, people have been bending what ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ means within the fashion industry. Even though this is not new news, Gen-Z has been in the spotlight for embracing styles that redefine the relationship between gender and style because they are normalizing it. As this generation continues to accept and be more fluid with their gender and sexual identity, Gen-Z is not afraid to express themselves through fashion and style even if it’s not ‘traditionally’ for their gender … and we’re here for it!!!