thank you from 98

by Celine
November 15, 2020

Life in 2020 has been uniquely challenging. It’s hard to feel a sense of gratitude for a year that has been so turbulent, unpredictable, and full of loss. Incomplete family gatherings, missing out on beloved traditions - for many, this year’s holiday season will look a little different. But, for the days that the ground feels like quicksand, it’s important to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

With hardship comes lessons learned, momentous milestones and little things to be grateful for. Truthfully, without the pandemic, NinetyEight would 98% not be born. And for that, we are eternally thankful to have the opportunity to create content that strives to bridge the generational divide. We recently just passed the six month mark of being a registered LLC in the State of California. During this time, we have successfully published two editions of our agency whitepaper: 98things (third edition coming soon, so be on the lookout!), we’ve been featured in a number of local press articles, and made our first donation of forty h.u.g packs in support of our social good initiative. Our journey as an agency has just begun and we want to say a few thank yous:

we are so gracious for all your time, guidance and encouragement. From providing us an office space, to giving up your time to coach us, to sending us “we’re proud of you” emails every now and then… Thank you for constantly pushing us and believing in us to think beyond our capabilities.

To our mentors:

thank you for trusting us with your brand and being a part of our early journey as an agency. We are both thrilled and honoured to work with you and find innovative ways to bring your ideas to life.

To our clients:

thank you for trusting us with your brand and being a part of our early journey as an agency. We are both thrilled and honoured to work with you and find innovative ways to bring your ideas to life.

To the team:

what a rollercoaster of a journey this has been! Not every 21/22 year old gets to launch their own company and grow it from the ground up. It has been a blessing to work with some of the most hardworking and empathetic people out there.

While NinetyEight is a huge part of each of our lives, we as a team took some time to reflect on what we were grateful for in our personal lives:

Practicing gratitude isn’t just a Thanksgiving activity - it’s so much more than that. Every so often, it’s nice to be able to take a few deep breaths, slow down and reflect. 

Just released! - NinetyEight’s secret recipe to embracing a gratitude-filled life: 

  1. Guilt-free “Me Time”:  Everyone deserves 10 full minutes of “me time” - whether that’s aimlessly scrolling TikTok, taking a quick walk around the block, doing handstands in your house… whatever it is, take 10 minutes a day to do something for for yourself and not worry about wasting time or being unproductive. 
  2. Journaling: It’s always nice to reflect on your day or your week. Take a notebook and a pen, sit on your porch and write away. Some thought starter topics include: asking people what makes you smile? What do you look forward to everyday? - these questions can help you gain a new perspective and outlook on life. 
  3. Prayer: For some, faith is a strong pillar. It’s important to recognize moments of grace - both big and small. 
  4. Dance Parties: We all know the saying “music makes you lose control”... and from time to time that’s exactly what everyone needs. Blast your favourite tune and have a solo dance party. If you “don’t have enough time”, have a dance party while cleaning your room or doing your dishes. We promise, a little bit of music will send good vibes down your spine!
  5. Grit & Gratitude: It’s no secret that life is hard. Always work as hard as you can towards the goals you set out for yourself. Recognize the opportunities you have in front of you and don’t waste them. 
  6. You’re a B*tch List: List out all the times you have been ungrateful, egotistical, or a downright b*tch with no good reason. Use this list as a means of acknowledging your b*tch moments and identify ways to improve.  
  7. Manifestations: At the end of the day, take a few minutes to reflect on your blessings. Feel empowered and confident to manifest and envision the life you want as if you already have it. Then go out there and kickass! 

NinetyEight has been through countless ups and downs, and immense growth since June. We recognize that times are tough, and running a business is no easy task. We are grateful to still do what we love everyday and give ourselves and the community around us credit and resilience for how far we have come. If you are still reading this, thank you thank you and more thank yous for your time. Happy Holidays!