by Fran
June 11, 2021

If you scroll through NinetyEight’s Instagram, you’ll notice we regularly have a “that time of the month” post to talk about Hygiene U Give. But what exactly is Hygiene U Give?

I can’t tell you that story without telling you about my first time working with Bryant, back when we were juniors in college. It was our New World of Branding and Advertising class, the first class of the M-School curriculum. We were already nervous about impressing our professors, and then we heard about the assignment: Positively impact at least 1,000 lives through a meaningful product and campaign.

Simple, right? 😅

We brainstormed for hours with our other group mates. Finally, H.U.G. was born after we mapped out where our group’s values intersected: democratizing basic necessities, sustainability, and helping out the less fortunate in a community outside our own. However, when we approached our professors with Hygiene U Give, we were told to choose any problem besides this one, in fear that we would exclude men from the conversation.

We were pissed. In true Gen-Z fashion, we ran with it. And so, H.U.G. was born.