Evolve App

by Jessie Yeung
March 18, 2021

This blog was written by Jessie Yeung, a Gen-Z Executive of Evolve. Evolve is a Gen-Z-focused, Asian-founded mobile app that is committed to helping young professionals and students looking to break into their work field. Their work directly helps startups and small businesses find the team members necessary to grow. Want to spotlight your Gen-Z founded brand? Send us an email - we’d love to connect!

Imagine using Tinder for your next job search with the ability to swipe on potential employers rather than potential love interests. We all recognize the swiping feature of left is no, and right is yes, when searching for romantic relationships on dating apps. Employment is also a relationship. This relationship is instead linked between the employer and employee and built on mutual respect. Employers must clearly explain assigned tasks and employees need to understand what is expected of them. So why not swipe right to your next job opportunity?

On average, job recruiters spend 6 seconds reading a single resume which typically begins in an applicant’s cover letter. In those 6 seconds, they determine whether the applicant is a good fit based on their past experience, relevant skills, and if they can add value to the company. Unfortunately, these aren’t easily shown in a cover letter that is only looked over for a matter of seconds. Imagine looking over pages worth of your next love interest’s past experience, skills, and qualifications to determine whether they will be a good fit for you. Pursuing a romantic relationship would then become as tedious of a task as long application processes. This is essentially why dating apps with the swiping feature have become the new norm for many and why matchmaking employers with employees is the future of the recruiting industry.

Evolve has adopted that same swiping feature and created a platform to matchmake a younger generation of entrepreneurs, job seekers, and future CEOs. Job applicants are now able to simply swipe yes or no to apply to potential job opportunities. Evolve was built with the users best interest in mind. The swiping feature allows users to be more efficient when applying by skipping the tedious job search and long applications. Job seekers are able to apply to many more jobs in a lesser amount of time than they would on other job recruiting websites.

Nearly 80% of job seekers say they’ve been ghosted by a potential employer, similarly to those who have been ghosted by their love interests. Evolve eliminates this barrier in the job application process by allowing job seekers to chat directly with employers on the app once they match with each other rather than waiting and hoping to hear back from an employer even when the response is a denial. Once you get a match, you already know that the employer has interest in you and are interested in moving along in the application process.

Say goodbye to the endless ghosting and gruesome job applications and say hello to your next job opportunity which is right at your fingertips. Evolve launches soon and will be sure to help all of those interested in bringing their ideas and passions into life by helping them find the right fit for their team. Follow us at @evolveusers on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, and @theevolveeffect on Tiktok for updates and information!