Do you know Gen-Z?

“Gen-Zs are glued to their phones”

“Gen-Zs are entitled and lazy”

“Gen-Zs are spoonfed”

something seems fishy about this...


Gen-Z is the most diverse generation in history.

25% are Hispanic, 14% are African-American and 6% are Asian, according to studies led by the Pew Research Center. And their views on gender and identity are unprecedented and untraditional: Gen-Z refuses to turn ethnicity and race into checkboxes on a survey form.

Gen-Zs integrate tech into their everyday lives.

This digital generation has a deep understanding of how technology can transform the way we work and live. 80% of Gen-Zs aspire to work with cutting edge technology and 91% say technology would influence job choice.

Gen-Zs value social responsibility.

The core values of the generation are reflected in their prioritizing social activism more than previous generations. Surveys indicate a combined 99 percent of Gen-Zers either attended a protest, posted on social media about a protest or actively took time to learn about racial injustice.

The Koi Pond

We had enough of brands not understanding our generation, so we decided to go directly to the source. We built a growing community of Gen-Z creators, artists, thought-leaders, and changemakers to help you understand the “why” behind Gen-Z behaviors. Whether you need primary research, product testing, or qualitative insights, The Koi Pond unites your brand with Gen-Z voices.

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